How Do I Remove Dents From Carpet?

Carpet DentsOne question that we get fairly often, is how to remove dents from carpet caused by heavy furniture. People often face the problem of deep depressions in the carpet after they had moved a piece of furniture that has been in place for a long time. They can be difficult to remove and do not always come out completely. This is because furniture dents are really two separate problems. You have the crushed fibers on the top, and he stretched out carpet backing on the bottom. Here are a few tips though that you can use to at least improve the appearance of dents in carpet.
Ice Chips
The first way that you can improve furniture dance is by using ice chips. Place the ice chips in the depression and allow them to slowly melt. The water will swell the fibers causing them to expand. The ice will also, hopefully, cause the backing of the carpet to contract slightly which should minimize the debt. Use caution when using this method not to use too much ice. You do not want to saturate the carpet.
Steam Cleaning
Probably the best way to remove or at least minimize deaths from carpet is to have your carpet professionally steam cleaned. The steam will help to expand the carpet fibers and the powerful suction will help to pull them up right. If you take this approach, make sure that you find the carpet cleaner that uses a truck mounted steam cleaning system. These systems will produce more heat and more suction making them much more effective on furniture dents.
The final method is the least popular, time. Sometimes it just takes time for the dance to disappear. With normal traffic and normal wear, the fibers will slowly return to the surface and the backing of the carpet will relax. How much time depends on the depth of the dent and the length of time that furniture was there.

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