Clean Paint From Brick

Clean Paint Off BrickThere are two situations that you might be facing when you are trying to clean paint from bricks. First off, you might have just dripped some paint onto a brick or gotten a little over spray on them. This is not a big problem and you will find that it is quite easy to remove the paint, although a little labor intensive. The second situation is if you have a house where all of the bricks have been painted. This is a much more complex problem. Let’s start with situation one.

Removing Paint Spills From Brick

If the spill is fresh, a little paint remover is all that will be necessary. Be careful when applying it to the paint to protect adjacent areas. For older paint spills that have dried, you can use paint remover and a steel wire brush. Apply the paint remover to the paint and allow it to dwell for a few moments. Follow this with the wire brush, being careful not to use more pressure than is needed.

Removing Paint From An Entire Facade

If the paint is covering the entire area of bricks, your options are much more limited. Because bricks are so porous, it ill be difficult to remove the paint entirely. You can use chemical removal methods, but you will find that they can be damaging, are environmentally unfriendly and will not completely remove the paint.  You could also use a pressure washer, but chances are good that the pressure washer would do more damage than good and lead to more repairs. The best option is to either call in a professional or to just simply repaint the brick.

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