Clean Glass Cook Tops

Glass Cooktop CleaningThe glass cook top ovens that are common today require special cleaning methods. They are, overall, much easier to clean than the old fashioned stoves with drip pans and numerous crevices for dirt to hide but you must clean them the right way. To clean your glass cooktop, you will need soapy water, a bottle of glass cleaner,  clean terry cloth cotton towels and a bottle of glass cooktop cleaner. In most cases, I hate recommending specialty cleaners to use, but with glass tops, there really is no good alternative to glass cooktop cleaner.
Step 1
First, you will clean the cooktop of food particles. Dip your terry cloth towel in the soapy water and wring it out. Wipe down the cooktop being as thorough as possible. The tery cloth towel will give you just enough agitation to clean the glass top without scratching it. Repeat this process several times if the stove top is excessively soiled.
Step 2
Apply your glass cooktop cleaner to a rag and wipe the stove top. The cleaner will polish the stove top and restore its natural beauty. Check prices on glass cooktop cleaners.
Step 3
Finish your cleaning by spraying the cooktop with a glass cleaner and wiping it down to remove any cleaner residue and to erase streaks.

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