Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Bath Drain CleaningFrom time to time, your bathroom drain can become clogged and can begin emitting a foul odor. When this happens, you can either call a professional or you can clean the drain out your self. Let’s start with cleaning it out yourself, and try to save a little money. In most cases, home owners will be able to completely handle the situation by using a few of these tips. .
Tip One
Your first step in clearing a bathroom drain is to remove the stopper if it is possible. Over time, hair will build up around the stopper and can cause clogs and often a foul odor. Remove the stopper and thoroughly clean it. Most stoppers are removed by unscrewing the lever that attaches them to the sink, You will find it under the sink attached to the drain pipe.After cleaning it, replace the stopper, being careful to insert the lever correctly so it still functions properly.
Tip Two
Plungers are not just for the toilet. If you have a sink full of water, you can use your plunger to try to dislodge it. Be careful to form a tight seal with the plunger and make sure that water completely covers the flange. Give it a couple tries and hopefully it will dislodge that clog.
Tip Three
If you still have a clog or a foul odor, boil a pot of water. Carefully pour it down the drain. Hot water will break up grease deposits and help to kill bacteria that is living in your drain. Be very careful not to burn yourself when performing this step.
Tip Four
If that stubborn odor still persists, try a little vinegar in the drain. Pour a few cups down and let it sit for a few hours. Flush it out with hot water and you might be amazed at the results. Alternatives to vinegar include lemon juice and bleach. Be careful when using bleach though because it will have a strong odor and can damage clothing.
Tip Five
If a clog or odor still persists, you could have a more serious problem. Avoid the use of caustic drain cleaners. If they do not remove the clog, you will be left with a sink full of hazardous chemicals. Plus, these chemicals will make their way back into the public water system where they have to be removed. Instead, call a professional drain cleaner to handle your clog. They can handle more difficult situations such as clogs further down the line, tree root intrusions, etc.

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