Will carpet cleaning remove pet stains?

Carpet Pet StainHas puppy training left your carpet a little less than perfect? If so, you might be wondering if carpet cleaning  will remove the pet stains. Carpet cleaning, in most cases, will remove pet stains. There are some exceptions though, situations where pet stains can not always be removed.
So, in what situations are pet stains permanent? There are many different  things that can cause pet stains to become permanent. The biggest cause of pet stains being permanent is poor spot cleaning. Homeowners, in an attempt to rid themselves of stains, often used the wrong chemicals and the wrong methods. To keep from causing your stains to become permanent, never use any chemical on a pet stain that does not say it is made for pet stains. Using a general spotter, for example, will often cause the stain to become permanent. The best thing to use for a pet stain is white vinegar and water. Mix one part white distilled vinegar with two parts of water to make a great pet stain spotter. If this vinegar solution that fails to remove the spot you should call a trained carpet cleaner. Anything else that you can do will probably cause the stain to become permanent.
Another reason pet stains become permanent is that the animal is on medication. Many common pet medications  can cause darkening of the urine and this will lead to permanent stains. If your animal is on medication, it is possible that no matter what you do or your carpet cleaner does, the stains will be permanent.
One final reason that pet stains become permanent is age. Bacteria in the urine produce ammonia and the longer the urine spots are on the carpet, the more ammonia is produced. Ammonia, over time will yellow the carpet. Sometimes this can be removed, but often yellowing of the carpet from ammonia is permanent.
In conclusion, here is what you need to do to keep the pet stains from becoming permanent. You need to get to the stains as soon as possible and you need to treat it with the correct chemical. If and when this fails to remove the spot, you need to call a trained carpet cleaner to handle the situation and cease your spot cleaning activities.

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