Removing Mud From Carpet

Mud StainsOne of the most common types of stains to reach a carpet is much. Fortunately, it is also one of the easiest to clean and one of the least likely to leave a permanent thing. The only real problem with mud, is when a homeowner overreacts and panics. If you are here reading this, hopefully you are doing research on how to remove mud before you have tried anything. If this is the case, keep reading.
The first thing that you need to do, when you get mud on your carpet, is to not panic. It is not a difficult stain and will be very easy to remove. Before doing anything, you want to let the stain completely dry. This is different than what you might do for any other type of stain. In most cases, you want to treat stains as quickly as possible to keep them from setting in. With mud, however anything you do before it dries will only make things worse.
After you have allowed the mud to completely dry, take out your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the area. In 99% of the cases, you will be able to vacuum out all of the mud. Go over the area, with your vacuum, several times in each direction. If any of the mud is stubborn, you can use the sole of your shoe to lightly break it up. At this point, you are probably done with the mud removal.
If, after vacuuming the area, you still have some mud stains on the carpet, you can use your spot cleaner. Use a general spot cleaner available at most grocery stores or you can make the solution of a mild dish washing soap and water. Puts a teaspoon of a mild dish washing soap and a 32 ounce spray bottle and lightly shake. Mist the solution on the spot and block it up with a white terrycloth towel or a dye free paper towel. Be careful not to rub the spot, as this could spread it and damage the carpet. Allow the area to dry before putting it back to use.

What if you tried to clean it before the mud dried?

If you tried to clean the spot before the mud dried, you have probably spread its a great deal. At this point your best option is to call a carpet cleaning professional. Choose a company that uses hot water extraction, preferably with a truck mounted cleaning unit.

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