How Do I Clean My Grout?

Grout CleaningGrout can easily become heavily soiled due to the fact that it is extremely porous. Just take a close look at your grout lines and you can see all of the little holes just waiting to take in dirt, grease and soil. While it is easy to stain, it is generally thought of as being very difficult to clean. If you are thinking about cleaning your grout lines, you probably have visions of being down on your hands and knees for hours with a toothbrush. Put those thoughts out of your head, because there is a much easier way.

Materials Needed

You will need several things to clean your grout, none of which are that expensive. First, you will need some grout cleaner which is available at just about any home improvement store. If you can not find it, ask for help or just look in the section where they sell new powdered grout. You will also need a grout cleaning brush. You will not be using a toothbrush for this process. Look on the aisle where they sell scrub brushes and you should be able to find a grout brush. It is a narrow 12 inch brush with a tapered end that fits onto a broom handle. It will make your life much easier. You can find them on Amazon as well. Click here to check prices. Finally, you will need a mop bucket and a good mop.

The Process

Step 1: Sweep your floor.
Sweep your floor to remove as much dry soil as possible. Soil is much easier to remove dry than wet, so be thorough. No use making your job harder.

Step 2: Mix your cleaning solution.
Mix up your grout cleaning solution, per instructions, in your bucket. Use hot tap water unless otherwise specified.
Step 3: Apply your cleaning solution to your tile.
Using your mop, apply your cleaning solution to the floor, working in a small 10 foot by 10 foot section at a time. You want to use your mop instead of spraying or pouring the solution to prevent splashing it onto your cabinets or appliances.
Step 4: Agitate your solution.
Take your grout cleaning brush and scrub your grout lines. You should immediately see the soil begin to break down and be absorbed into the solution.
Step 5: Mop up your solution.
Now, take your mop and mop up the cleaning solution to remove the soil that you have just loosened.
Step 6: Rinse your floor.
Complete the process by rinsing the floor with plain, clear water. This will further remove soil and will get rid of residue that could contribute to resoiling.

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