Why your home office carpet won't last?

Office CarpetThe home office has become an increasingly common sight in today’s homes. Just about half of the homes I go into these days have some sort of a home office, and most of them are carpeted. Carpet, while a great flooring material in general, is not always well suited for home office. There are many things in an office that can damage or ruin a carpet.
The number one thing that can ruin your carpet is your rolling desk chair. The chair, over time will wear down the carpet fibers leaving a distinctly worn spot where you use it. Many people try to combat this by putting a chair mat down. Chair mats unfortunately can cause just as much damage as the chair itself. When you use a chair mat, a line forms around the mats so you can never ever remove the mat. Chair mats can also cause yellowing if placed over new carpet. This is because new carpets will off gas for the first few months of its life and the chair mat will trap these gases, causing the carpet to yellow. The best choice for an office chair, although a bit impractical, is a stationary one.
Another common cause of damage to carpet in the home office is your printer or copier. Toner, when spilt on the carpet is a disaster waiting to happen. In most cases, when toner or printer ink finds its way onto the carpet the homeowner will try to spot clean it. When they do, they will typically spread the spot or cause it to become permanent. Instead, if you happen to spill toner or printer ink on the carpet, call a professional first. Doing so could save your carpet.
One final reason that your carpet will not last in a home office is because of excessive wear. This is particularly true if you work entirely out of the home. If you work exclusively out of the home, you will probably be spending 8 to 12 hours a day on your carpet. This is hard for any carpet, especially one found in a residential environment. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this. Your only solution would be to wait for your carpet to wear down and replace it with a commercial variety or with hard flooring.

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