Cleaning Your Wood Deck

Like every other part of your home, your wood deck will require routine maintenance. It is not a build it and forget it structure. Regular cleaning will improve the lifespan and your enjoyment of your wooden deck. It is also, rather easy to do and you don’t even need a pressure washer.
Step 1: Prep The Deck
Remove all of the furniture, grills, etc from your deck. You do not want to have to work around tables or chairs while cleaning, so move it all to the lawn while you clean.
Step 2: Sweep Your Deck
Get your broom out and sweep your deck clean of dry soil. It is easier to remove it now, before you get the wood deck wet. If you have items stuck between the cracks now is the best time to remove them with a narrow tool like a screwdriver or a butter knife.
Step 3: Rinse Your Wood Deck
Now, you will remove some soil by rinsing your deck with a garden hose. Don’t spend too much time on this step. Just get it relatively clean and clear.
Step 4: Scrub Your Deck
Now, you will scrub the deck with your wood deck cleaner. There are many good varieties of deck cleaners available, so choose a good green one that will not harm vegetation. Mix the cleaner in a 5 gallon bucket according to directions and then apply it to the deck with your stiff bristled brush. Brush the solution into the wood and allow it to dwell for several minutes, according to directions on the bottle.
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Step 5: Rinse Your Deck
Lastly, you will rinse the solution off of your deck thoroughly. Allow it to dry and then you can replace your furniture and put it back to normal use.

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