Can my carpet be cleaned?

Carpet CleanedSometimes, you have to make a decision between cleaning your carpets and replacing it. Not all carpet can be saved, but each year thousands of people throw away perfectly good carpets because they think they cannot be cleaned. So, how do you know if your carpet can be cleaned or if it should be replaced.
The only way to really tell if the carpet is salvageable, is to go ahead and clean it. You might think that this is a waste of money but when you consider how much new carpet costs, the potential savings are huge. It can cost you thousands of dollars to replace an average homes carpet with just a low-quality carpet. Why not spend $90-$100 to have your carpets cleaned in one or two rooms to see how it responds. Worst-case scenario, you are out in little money. Best case scenario, you save thousands of dollars. That seems like a pretty good risk to me.
In my business, I run across 2 to 3 carpets every week that people are planning on replacing.Usually, the people just want the carpet cleaned up as good as possible, to get them through a few more months. Most of the time, it cleans up so well that a few months wind up being a few years. So you see, in reality most carpets can be cleaned and do not need to be replaced.
So when does a carpet need to be replaced? The average carpet, when taken care of, can last 10 to 15 years. I’ve even seen some carpets last 20 to 30 years when they were taken care of perfectly. When you’re carpet really does need to be replaced, you will know it. The thing that really causes carpet to need to be replaced is not staining, but wear. Stains can be removed, but wear cannot be fixed.

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