California Car Duster Review

Car DusterYour car looks great after a wash, but how long does it last? Well, it’s probably dirty after that first drive. It can be frustrating and might even make you not want to wash your car as frequently. California Car Dusters has a product that they claim will help. The Original California Car Duster claims to remove dirt and dust easily between washings without harming your vehicle. So, does it really get the job done?
We are happy to report that yes, it really does work. We found that just simply running the brush over your car would remove the vast majority of dust. After washing a car and driving it around, the Original California Car Duster was able to restore that just washed look. Now, it does have its limits and it will not be able to remove soil that went down wet like mud, etc. Still, by using this product we are sure that you can double your time between cleanings. Nobody who cares about their cars appearance should be without one, especially if you own a black car.
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