On Board Water

On Board WaterSometimes, water is not available at the job site. If this is the case at your home or office, you might wonder how you can get it cleaned. Does this mean that you need to go with a dry cleaning method? No, you simply need to find a carpet cleaner with an on board water tank.

What is On Board Water?

With an on board water system, your carpet cleaner will carry a tank of water on their van. The tank generally ranges from 50 to 80 gallons and will give the carpet cleaner the ability to clean a few average sized jobs without the need for water at the job site.

Why don’t all carpet cleaners carry On Board Water?

There are many reasons why a carpet cleaner might not carry water on their van. For starters, they might not have room. There is a plethora of equipment that carpet cleaning companies need to carry and sometimes a water tank will just not fit. Another reason that they might not carry water is the extra weight. A filled water tank adds a lot of weight to a cleaning van. This leads to reduced fuel economy and could even make the van exceed its gross vehicle weight.

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