Ozone Treatment For Odors

Ozone treatments can be used to treat a number of different odor problems in your home or office. The list of odors that it can treat is quite extensive and includes odors from smoke, pet urine, mold, cigarettes, skunks and much more. It is a very effective odor removal tool and one that is often employed by carpet cleaners.

How does ozone work?

Ozone is a molecule containing three oxygen atoms. It is created when UV rays strike a normal oxygen molecule that contains two oxygen atoms. The UV rays split the molecule creating two single oxygen atoms. These single atoms then reattach themselves to regular oxygen molecules creating ozone. When these ozone molecules come into contact with odor molecules, the extra oxygen atom breaks off and attaches itself to the odor molecules and destroy it.

What are the benefits of ozone?

Ozone is more effective than many chemical sanitizers. Because the third molecule of oxygen has such a weak bond, it breaks off very easily. This makes it very aggressive at destroying odor causing molecules.

How are areas treated with ozone?

Your carpet cleaner will place their ozone generator in the area in need of odor removal. They will then place fans in the room or rooms, if necessary, to circulate the ozone. The area is then sealed off and the ozone is allowed to work. Ozone, in high doses, is unsafe so nobody will be allowed in the area during treatment. Depending on the extent of the odor, the machine will need to run for several hours to several days. After treatment, the machine will be turned off and the area will sit for 4 to 8 hours to allow the ozone to convert back to oxygen.
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