Olefin Auto Carpet Cleaning

Automobile carpet cleaning is a great service that carpet cleaners also often provide. Car, truck and SUV carpet cleaning poses many special challenges though, especially since the carpet is, in most cases, made of Olefin. Olefin itself has many challenges when inside the home and these challenges are magnified with an automobile.

Why is Olefin carpet hard to clean?

Olefin carpet has many unique characteristics. First, it does not absorb moisture. The plus side to this is that it is hard to stain. Spots on Olefin are on the surface and are easily cleaned off. The negative side of it being non absorbent is that when it is wet cleaned, water tends to run down the fiber instead of being absorbed by it. This means that it will take longer to dry and it is much more likely that the backing will become wet with Olefin.

How should Olefin automobile carpet be cleaned?

The key in cleaning this type of carpet is to get it dry. When wet cleaning, the cleaner should use lower water pressure so that less water will be forced down into the carpet. They should also try to make more dry passes to remove as much moisture as possible. Lastly, the cleaner should try to add ventilation to dry the carpet as soon as possible. Be sure to leave doors and windows open so that as much air as possible reaches the carpet. In adverse weather conditions, use the cars heating system to help dry the interior as soon as possible.

How much does Olefin carpet cost to clean?

In most cases, carpet cleaning is part of an overall auto detailing package. In these cases, you should expect to pay between $60 to $100 to clean everything. If you need to just have the carpet cleaned, the price will be similar to a complete detailing because of carpet cleaners minimum charges. So, you might as well just have the entire vehicle cleaned and enjoy the complete experience.

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