Haitian Cotton Upholstery Cleaning

Haitian Cotton is a type of fabric used on upholstery that is made of short staple cotton fibers. These fibers are not processed fully so they contain many impurities such as seeds. The seeds add a distinct look to this material but pose a problem when trying to have the upholstery cleaned. The brown seeds can bleed onto the white cotton causing a brown stain which is difficult to remove. Because of this, you should choose the person that you allow to clean your Haitian Cotton very carefully. Look for an experienced owner operator who has the education necessary to clean it.

How is Haitian Cotton cleaned?

First, the upholstery cleaner will inspect the upholstery to determine the course of action required. They can then make recommendations to the consumer about the cleanablility of the piece of furniture and the results that should be expected.
Next, they will thoroughly dry vacuum the upholstery. As with any other upholstery, Haitian Cotton should be vacuumed first to remove dry soil before it becomes wet. Dry soil is much easier to remove than wet soil or mud.
In most cases, they will use a Haitian Cotton Shampoo whipped into a foam. They will add the shampoo to a bucket of water and whip it into a foam. They will then dip a sponge into the foam and wipe it onto the upholstery. Then, your cleaner will wipe the upholstery with a clean white towel to remove moisture.
Last, the Haitian Cotton is then allowed to dry before it is put back to use. Protection, if purchased, will be applied at this time.

What is Haitian Cotton Shampoo?

Haitian Cotton Shampoo is designed to prevent browning on this type of material. It usually contains a bleach and an acidic shampoo detergent. It is designed to form a thick foam which can be used to perform low moisture cleaning.
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