H1 N1 Treatment

The Swine Flu or the H1 N1 virus has become a big scare in the United States. If you are concerned about it for your health or for the health of your family or office, you should look into taking steps to prevent the spread. Your carpet cleaner might just have a solution for you.

What can your carpet cleaner do for the Swine Flu virus?

There are germicidal cleaners that can be used to control the spread of the virus. One such product is a germicidal spray from a company called Microban. Microban’s Germicidal Cleaner can be used to treat the H1 N1 virus along with other viruses such as the HIV 1 virus, Herpes and many different fungi.In addition to this product, there is a plethora of other products on the market so no matter what you need, they can find a cleaner or disinfectant for you.

How is this product applied?

This product can be applied in a number of different ways and in a variety of different methods. It can be applied in a solution with a sprayer, mopped or wiped on or in a fogger. Your carpet cleaner can use it to treat a variety of different surfaces including counters, walls, carpets, hard flooring and more. For specifics, you should contact a carpet cleaner near you to find out more.

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