Dog Urine Removal

We love our pets, but sometimes they make mistakes. If your puppy or dog has done considerable damage to your wall to wall carpet, you should call in a professional to clean it. If, on the other hand, you only have a small spot or two you can handle it yourself. All that you need is some white distilled vinegar, a trigger spray bottle and some white cotton towels or dye free paper towels.

Removing Dog Urine From Carpet

Step 1: If the spot is fresh, blot up as much of the urine as possible. Place a towel or stack of paper towels on the spot and place a weight over the towels. Give the urine time to wick up into the towels and then discard.
Step 2: Once you have removed as much of the urine as possible, you will mix up your vinegar solution. Fill your spray bottle a third of the way up with white distilled vinegar. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, attach the sprayer and shake to mix up the solution.
Step 3: Now, spray the vinegar solution onto the spot and give it a few seconds to dwell.
Step 4: Blot up the solution with your cotton or paper towels. Use caution not to rub the carpet because you do not want to abrade the fibers.
Step 5: Repeat this process several times if necessary.
Step 6: Finish up by placing a towel or stack of paper towels on the spot and placing a weight on top of it. This will allow any remaining pet urine to wick into the towel.

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