Carpet Spot Cleaning

I often get calls from consumers who are looking for a simple spot cleaning. In a few of these cases, spot cleaning is acceptable, but for most clients it is not. Here is why.
When is spot cleaning appropriate?
Like I said, sometimes spot cleaning is appropriate. If you just had a carpet installed and something has been spilled on the carpet, then it is OK to have your carpet simply spot cleaned. Also, if you just had your carpet cleaned within the last few weeks and a spot is now on your carpet, it is OK to have it spot cleaned.
When is spot cleaning not appropriate?
Most of the time, when I get a call for spot cleaning it is on a carpet that a customer has not had cleaned for months if not years. The carpet looks okay to them but spot cleaning will reveal that it needs an overall cleaning.
Carpet soils gradually, in most cases, so you do not notice that it becomes soiled. When it is spot cleaned however, the area that is cleaned will become noticeably cleaner than the surrounding area. You will then need to have the carpet completely cleaned to remedy the situation.
So what should you do?
For now, you should plan on having a regular cleaning performed. Be sure to call an owner operated cleaning service for best results. Then, you should set up a cleaning schedule for your carpet. Plan on having it cleaned every 9 to 12 months to maintain its appearance. You should also have a bottle of spotter on hand and some white cotton clothes to take care of spots as they occur.

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