Car & Truck Seat Cleaning

Car upholstery cleaning is just one of the many services offered by professional carpet cleaners. Not all of them perform this service, but those that do will use powerful truck mounted steam cleaning machines to lift out deeply embedded dirt and soil.

Professional Car & Truck Seat Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning in a car is similar to that done in the home. The cleaning technician will first dry vacuum the upholstery to be cleaned to remove dry soil. Next, they will apply a pre-spray to the upholstery and agitate it with a soft bristle brush. This will dislodge soil and hold it in suspension. Next, they will extract the pre-spray with a hot steam rinse. Lastly, they will allow the car seats to dry by opening doors and windows to ventilate the car. In adverse weather, the cars HVAC system may be used to facilitate drying.

Do It Yourself Car & Truck Seat Cleaning

It is possible to clean your own upholstery, but this is only recommended for lightly soiled car seats. The best way for the average person to clean their upholstery is with a foam cleaner like this one, Tuff Stuff that can be purchased from Amazon for a few dollars. To clean your car upholstery, first dry vacuum the piece to remove dry soil. Next, spray the car or truck seat with your foam cleaner and agitate it with a brush to loosen and absorb soil. After agitating the solution, you will take a clean white cotton towel and wipe the foam off. Repeat this process over all of the seats in your car. When you are done, ventilate the car to allow it to dry quickly.

Car & Truck  Seat Cleaning Tips

Avoid using too much moisture. This will cause it to dry slowly which will cause you issues. If the seat needs multiple cleanings, give it time to dry between cleanings.
Do not skip the dry vacuuming step. Soil is much easier to remove when it is dry. Once you hit it with moisture, it becomes a sticky mud.
Have plenty of clean white rags around. You might be surprised just how many you go through. Most home improvement stores will carry 12 packs of rags for a reasonable cost.

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