Broken Pipe Help

Winter weather is here and with it comes freezing temperatures. These freezing temperatures can lead to broken pipes in your home. When it happens, you need help quick. Here is what you need to do.
Step 1: Turn off the water.
Find the master shutoff valve and turn off your homes water supply to stop the leak. Modern homes have multi valve systems that allow you to turn off just the affected area but it may be easier to just shut down the main line.
Step 2: Call a water damage expert.
Many people will first call a plumber, but you have already stopped the leak by shutting off the water. Now, you need to get rid of the water and get your home dry as soon as possible.
When the water damage expert gets to your home, they will examine the damage and determine a course of action to correct it. In most cases, they will begin by moving your furniture and home furnishings. Next, they will use truck mounted machines to extract as much moisture as possible from the carpet. Following the water extraction, they will lift the carpet and remove the affected padding. Lastly, they will place drying fans and dehumidifiers in your home. They will use them to dry the carpet and walls in your home.
Step 3: Call your insurance adjuster.
You want to notify your insurance that you had a water damage situation as soon as possible. Now that you have addressed the situation, you can contact them and get the ball rolling on your insurance claim.
Step 4: Call a plumber.
Now that the water has been stopped and cleaned up, you can call a plumber to get your home back to normal. If you do not know of a good plumber, your adjuster and/or water damage restoration company can probably recommend one.
Step 5: Have the carpet reinstalled.
Usually, the water damage expert will be doing this work. They will replace the4 carpet padding and re-stretch the carpet. After re-installation, they will clean the carpet and any affected upholstery.

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