Auto Detailing Carpet Cleaner

One area that many carpet cleaners branch out into is auto detailing. Auto detailing is a great add on service because most of the tools required are already owned by carpet cleaners. There are several ways for carpet cleaners to clean automotive upholstery.If you are wanting to expand your services, keep reading.

Truck Mounted Auto Detailing

Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines have a ton of power. Power that lets carpet cleaners clean tough upholstery and even tile and grout from hundreds of yards from the machine. This can be too much power for auto upholstery cleaning and detailing even though these machines can be dialed down with pressure and vacuum adjustments. Still, they can be overkill for auto detailing and  a portable machine would be a better and more economical choice for this line of work. As a carpet cleaner, if you decide to use your truck mount to clean auto upholstery and carpet, be sure to limit the pressure that you use. Purchase a good open jet cleaning tool and limit pressure and excessive vacuum.

Portable Equipment Auto Detailing

This is a much better way to clean automotive upholstery. Although not very effective for commercial and residential carpet cleaning where the power and heat of a truck mount is needed, they are great for automotive cleaning. They have the right amount of power for the job and are less expensive to operate. Truck mounts use lots of gasoline and have higher hourly operating rates.  Because auto detailing pays less, you want to have the lowest costs possible. For auto cleaning, all you really need is a 100 PSI pump and a single two stage vacuum. If you want to also use your portable for apartment and high rise cleaning, you should look for one with a little more power. An adjustable 400 PSI pump and dual three stage vacuums is a good start. Heat with portable is over rated. Instead of purchasing a model with heat, purchase a submersible heater instead.

Auto Detailing Rates

So how much should you charge for auto detailing? This will depend on the area that you live and the car, truck or SUV being cleaned. In general, expect to earn between $60 to $100 per vehicle for a basic cleaning. The hourly income from this type of work is lower but the overhead is lower too if you are using a portable cleaning system.

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