What to use to protect the carpet in doorways and traffic areas.

Traffic Areas MatCarpet in areas such as doorways and traffic areas can be difficult to maintain because of the harsh conditions that it lives in. There are some things that you can do however and steps you can take to make it live a longer and happier life.
Use Door Mats
Door mats give your family and guests a place to deposit soil before they track it onto your carpet. Place a door mat at every entrance of your home including the front door, back door and the garage. Also try to place door mats inside your home every place that carpet meets a door or hard surface where feasible. The more chances you give people to wipe their feet, the better.
Have People Take Their Shoes Off
Okay, this can be a very hard rule to enact and maintain but those who do will receive great benefits. If you can convince your family and friends to leave their dirty shoes at the entrance of your home, your carpet will stay clean much longer. Make it easier for them by placing a bench with shoe storage at the front door.
Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly
Soil is an abrasive and the longer that it remains on your carpet, the more harm it will do. Try to vacuum your entire carpet at least once a week and your high traffic areas and door ways more often. Two to three times a week would be the ideal interval for vacuuming your heavy use areas.
Rearrange Your Furniture Often
Rearranging your furniture once every couple of months will change the traffic paths in your home. This will take some of the pressure off of traffic areas and spread out the use over your entire carpet. If you never move your furniture around, the same areas will always get used and worn. This will result in early carpet replacement.
Clean Your Carpet Regularly
You should have your home cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year. Choose an owner operated cleaning service using the truck mounted steam cleaning process for the best results.

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