Vacuum Cleaning Services

Vacuum cleaning is just a part of the service that we offer as carpet cleaners. We do it at the beginning of every carpet cleaning job to remove dry soil before a thorough carpet cleaning. From time to time, we are asked to just do vacuuming at a home or office. While this might seem like something that a maid should do, there are some reasons why carpet cleaners can perform vacuum only jobs better.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaning ServicesDeep Commercial Vacuuming

If a carpet cleaner owns a pile lifter, they can use it to lift the pile and thoroughly vacuum your commercial carpet. You might be surprised at just how much soil is trapped inside your commercial carpet. Pile lifters separate the fibers of the carpet and lift them up. This restores the pile of the carpet and also allows for effective vacuuming of the carpet. Removing the soil trapped inside your commercial carpet will add years to the life of the carpet because dirt is an abrasive that slowly wears at the carpet fibers.

Thorough Residential Vacuuming

Unlike maids, carpet cleaners know the benefit of proper vacuuming. Maids will typically only spend a few minutes to vacuum an entire house. Vacuuming can not be done that quickly and be effective. Properly vacuuming the average 5 room house would take about 30 minutes. You might be surprised just how much dirt, dander, pollen, hair, etc can be removed from an average carpet if the vacuuming is done correctly.

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