Upholstery Cleaning Equipment

Almost every carpet cleaning service also offers upholstery cleaning. It is something that just goes with carpet cleaning. When your carpet cleaner comes to your home, they may use a variety of cleaning tools or equipment. This page will educate you on some of the equipment being uses.

Upholstery Cleaning Machines

Truck Mounted Cleaning Machines: Most carpet cleaning services that use truck mounted cleaning machines for carpet, will also use the same machine to clean your upholstery. You might think that the same machine that is aggressive enough to clean the toughest carpets might be too tough to clean your gentle upholstery. This is not the case, because these machines are highly versatile. Everything can be adjusted including vacuum levels, heat and pressure. This is why truck mounted machines can clean everything from tile and grout to gentle cotton upholstery.
Portable Cleaning Machines: Some carpet cleaners choose to use smaller, portable machines to clean your upholstery. This might be because your location is not accessible for a truck mounted machine or because they simply want to save gas and use just enough power for the job at hand. There are also some specialty portable upholstery machines such as those made by Kleen Rite. These machines can not only clean with water, but also solvent for more delicate upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning Tools

Basic Upholstery Tools: The majority of carpet cleaners will use a basic cleaning tool that consists of a single spray jet and a vacuum slot. The tool will spray a jet of water on the upholstery and this water is then vacuumed up immediately by the vacuum slot. Some of the tools will have the jet in the open and some will have the jet enclosed to cut down on over spray. The type of basic tool used will vary by carpet cleaner. They all get the job done and the tool choice comes mainly down to user preference. A good tool will allow the carpet cleaner to clean upholstery for hours on end without hand fatigue.
Specialty Upholstery Tools: In addition to the basic upholstery cleaning tools, there are also many specialty tools on the market. One of the most popular is the Dri Master upholstery cleaning tool. This tool uses jetless technology that sprays a sheet of water across the fiber instead of into the fiber. The benefit is that water does not penetrate deep into the fiber and the upholstery will dry much quicker. It also allows for materials that were not previously water cleanable, to be cleaned with water.

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