Townhouse Carpet Cleaning

Townhouse Carpet CleaningDo you live in a townhouse? If so, you can, in most cases, have your carpet cleaned with a truck mounted carpet cleaning method. Here is some information that you need to know before having your townhouse carpet cleaned.
Why truck mounted steam cleaning?
You want to find a carpet cleaner who uses truck mounted steam cleaning because it is the most effective method available. It is also the method that is suggested by almost every carpet mill in the United States. With this method, your cleaner will spray a solution on your carpet to break down soil and dirt and emulsify it. They will then rinse this solution with high temperature water and a high powered vacuum. The result is a carpet that is as clean as possible and dry in just a few hours in most cases.
Cleaning townhouse carpets.
In order to be able to use a truck mounted steam cleaner at your residence, there are several conditions that you must meet.
1. You must have a parking spot in front of your townhouse.
Your carpet cleaner must be able to park directly in front of your townhouse because they must run hoses from their van to your unit.
2. There must be adequate clearance between units.
Because these cleaning units are gas engine powered, they produce exhaust. There must be adequate clearance between units so that the exhaust can safely be vented.
3. You should have an outside water source.
Most cleaners will require an outside water source to draw water from. If you do not have one, you should notify your cleaner of this and they might be able to carry their own water to the job.

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