Sisal Carpet Cleaning

Sisal Rug CleanersSisal is a rug manufactured from natural plant fibers. They are a strong and durable rug if taken care of properly but can be very difficult to clean. If you need to have your sisal rug cleaned, you should choose an owner operated carpet cleaner with years of experience.
What is Sisal?
Sisal is a material used to make rugs that is taken from the agave plant Agave sisalana. The plant produces a stiff and durable fiber that has been used for years to make twine, rope and of course rugs. The plants used to produce Sisal fibers are grown in Africa, the Caribbean, Brazil and even in Florida. The largest producer of Sisal though is Brazil.
How Can You Care For Sisal?
For the most part, the only maintenance that your Sisal rug will require is frequent vacuuming. When vacuuming your rug, pay special attention to not let the vacuum sit on the binding of the rugs.
For spills, blot the spot with a clean white towel. Do not rub the spot as this could spread the stain and force it deeper into the rug. If necessary, you can use a towel slightly moistened with a little club soda. Be very careful not to over wet the spot and dry it with fresh dry white towels immediately after spotting. place a fan on the spot to speed drying.
When it is time for a thorough cleaning, do not attempt to clean your Sisal rug yourself. These rugs are very sensitive to excess water and must be cleaned under controlled conditions. Find a local rug expert to clean your rug.

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