Rug Cleaning – Pick Up And Delivery

Area rug cleaning is a service that many carpet cleaners offer. Many area rugs can be cleaned in your home, but some require specialized treatment which can only be done at their shop. Rugs that require specialized treatment include oriental rugs, silk rugs, sisal rugs, seagrass rugs, and a number of other types and materials. Here is what you should expect from a carpet cleaner who offers rug pick up and delivery services.
Pick up
At the rug pickup, the carpet cleaner will examine the rug and determine what cleaning needs to be done. They will then give you a quote which should include the pickup charges, cleaning and delivery back to your home. They will then carefully prepare your rug for transport in a way that protects it.
Cleaning methods will vary somewhat, but in general your rug will first be dusted. This process uses either a mechanical beater or compressed air to remove dry soil that vacuuming alone can not remove. Next your rug will be placed in a washpit and scrubbed by hand or through mechanical means after which it will be thoroughly rinsed. Following the rinsing, it will generally be rolled to remove excess moisture. It is then placed in a drying room and allowed to dry. Following the drying, it is touched up if necessary and then, if desired, protective coatings are applied. It is then prepared for delivery.
After cleaning, the carpet cleaner will return the rug to your home. If you are placing it in storage, they will have packaged it accordingly and will simply deliver it. If you are putting it back into use, they will roll out the rug in the location of your choosing.

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