Pillowtop Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning has a number of different benefits. It reduces the dirt and skin cells in your pillow-top mattress, it reduces allergens and it helps to cut down on the dust mite population. For best results, you should clean your pillow top at least once every 12 to 18 months. After all, you are in it for 8 hours a day so it does not take long for it to become soiled.

How do you clean a pillowtop mattress?

Pillow tops clean in much the same way as a regular mattress. The carpet cleaner will first do a dry vacuum on the mattress. Following the dry vacuum, they will apply a prespray to the mattress and then agitate this solution. After allowing it to dwell for a minute, it is extracted used a hot water rinse. It is then allowed to dry before being put back to use.

How are pillowtops different?

There are of course some differences to cleaning a pillowtop mattress from a regular flat one. The main thing is that because of the pillows, there are many more nooks and crannies to get into. This means that the carpet cleaner must use actual upholstery cleaning tools and must be diligent. This makes it particularly important to find an owner operated carpet cleaner. Owner operators are more likely to take the time to get the job done right. Don’t put your thousand dollar mattress in the hands of an employee or subcontractor.

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