One Room Carpet Cleaning

These days, more and more people are turning to hard floors in their homes. This could be hardwood flooring, tile floors, marble or a number of other floor coverings. This can lead to situations where people just have one room of carpet in their home. This is fine, until it is time to clean that one room of carpet.
If you just have one room of carpet to clean, you will run in to the dreaded minimum charge. A carpet cleaner is unlikely to be able to come to your home and simply charge you for one room of carpet. They have to make a set amount of money just to meet their expenses. Most cleaners would lose money if they simply charged you for the room, so they must charge you a minimum.

Making the most of your minimum charge.

You still have to have your room of carpet cleaned though so unfortunately you will have to pay the minimum charge. Here are some ways to make the most of it and get your moneys worth.
Get protection for your one room.
Have the carpet cleaner spray a carpet protectant on the floor to meet the minimum charge. A good protector will help your carpet stay clean longer and will keep it from becoming permanently stained.
Have some upholstery cleaned in addition to your one room.
Most carpet cleaners just have a total minimum charge and not one for each service. Look at your furniture and see if any of it needs attention.
Clean your mattress at the same time as your one room of carpet.
Mattress cleaning is something that many people overlook. You might be surprised at how beneficial a mattress cleaning can be. This is particularly true if you suffer from allergies.
Refer some friends.
If you have used the carpet cleaner in the past, refer them to some friends. As a thank you, your carpet cleaner might agree to waive the minimum charge.
Go in with a neighbor.
See if your neighbor needs their carpet cleaned as well. If they do, you might be able to have your carpets cleaned at the same time and avoid a minimum charge for just cleaning one room.

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