Non steam clean carpet cleaning.

Steam carpet cleaning is the most popular and most recommended method of carpet cleaning in the United States. This is because it is the method that works the best and is the safest for the carpet. It is the method that is recommended by almost all major carpet manufacturers and some manufacturers even mandate that it be used once a year to maintain a warranty.  Still, some people are opposed to having their carpet steam cleaned. For those people, there are some other methods but they do have disadvantages.
Bonnet Cleaning
Bonnet cleaning is probably the most popular dry cleaning method. This process still uses water, but much less water than steam cleaning. In this cleaning process, the carpet cleaner will spray a cleaning solution on the carpet and then will use a floor machine or buffer to absorb this solution back up into cotton or synthetic cleaning bonnets.
The biggest problem with this method is that it offers little soil removal. It uses little moisture and most of that is left in the carpet. Along with the moisture left in the carpet is the soil that you wanted removed in the first place. Another disadvantage is that the spinning motion that the machine uses can damage carpet, actually untwisting carpet wands. It can also burn the carpet if the operator is not careful to keep the carpet sufficiently wet.
Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning
Another popular method of dry carpet cleaning is dry powder cleaning. In this method, the operator will sprinkle a semi moist powder onto the carpet. They will then use a machine with counter rotating nylon brushes to agitate the powder. While it is being agitated, it is breaking down and absorbing soil. After the powder is agitated and then allowed to dry, it is vacuumed out of the carpet.
There are many disadvantages to using this method. One of the most noticeable is that powder will be left in the carpet. It is almost impossible to remove all of it after a cleaning. While this is not destructive to the carpet, it can be annoying, especially if you want to walk around in bare feet on your carpet. Another disadvantage is that this method, because of the lack of moisture, often depends heavily on solvents which can be offensive. Heavily soiled carpets are also a challenge with this method because of the lack of a flushing action.
Shampoo Cleaning
Shampoo carpet cleaning is similar to bonnet cleaning except that instead of using a bonnet to absorb the solution, it is agitated with a brush attached to the floor machine. The brush helps it to break down and absorb soil. It is then left to dry and is later vacuumed out of the carpet.
The downside to this method, is just what you would think. Because there is no rinse, it has limited soil removal capability. This method is best used on large commercial jobs where the carpet is cleaned very often. Another downside is that just like bonnet cleaning, if the operator uses too little moisture, they can damage the carpet.

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