New Baby Carpet Cleaning

When a new baby is almost here, our thoughts turn towards getting our home ready for this new arrival. You want to get the nursery painted, the crib and the changing table set to go and the home as clean as possible. One of the things that you need to clean is of course the flooring including the carpet. But what steps do you need to take to make sure that the cleaning is safe for the new baby. Here are some things that you should consider.
What chemicals are being used on your carpet?
Make sure that the cleaner uses natural cleaning products. Just because a cleaner says that they are all natural, does not mean that they are. They might simply mean that their basic cleaning process is natural but they still use things like solvents on difficult spots. Ask them what cleaners will be used and specify that you want only natural products with no petrochemicals or solvents.
What kind of equipment is being used?
There are many different cleaning systems on the market. Systems that offer deep cleaning and systems that do more of a surface cleaning. You want the deepest possible cleaning which means that you want a carpet cleaner who uses a truck mounted steam cleaning system. Truck mounted cleaning machines have several advantages for you and your baby’s carpet. They have higher levels of vacuum which means that they remove more of the water from the carpet resulting in very quick dry times. They also have higher heat which means that the cleaners used will be more effective. They also allow the carpet cleaner to leave all of the equipment outside and only bring a couple of hoses into your home. This means that all of the noisy and smelly equipment stays outside of your home.
Who will be cleaning your baby’s carpet?
Lastly, you should consider who is doing the cleaning. You want a carpet cleaner that is conscientious. One that cares about the results that they achieve. This, in most cases, means that you need an owner operated cleaning company. Owner operators care more for their clients than employees or subcontractors. They also have many more years of experience than the average employee which will translate into a cleaner carpet.
When should you clean your baby room carpet?
Ideally, you want to clean it a week or two in advance. This will give you time to reset the room after cleaning and will assure that things are back to normal for you and your baby. Plus, you should consider the possibility of early arrivals. So if you are less than a month away from baby’s arrival, you should get on the phone and schedule a cleaning.

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