My New Carpet Smells

New Carpet SmellsHelp, my new carpet smells! This is something we here from time to time. People are excited to get into that new home or just to have new carpet. Then, that excitement quickly turns to dread when that new carpet smell starts making them sick. Most people are unaffected by this odor, but for some, it can be quite offensive.

What is causing your new carpet to smell?

There is much confusion about what is making your new carpet smell so bad. Many people think that they can just have it cleaned and the odor will go away. This is not usually true although a good cleaning can help. The truth is, that the new carpet smell is caused by off gassing. Your carpets backing and the padding has latex and chemicals in it. The latex is not typically fully cured when it is installed. The curing process causes off gassing that can be quite offensive.

How do you cure this offensive carpet smell?

The only thing that will make the odor go away is for the carpet to become fully cured. So, this really is just a waiting game. That is not to say that there is nothing you can do though. Heat is your friend when it comes to curing the latex in your carpet. Try to elevate the temperature in the room as much as possible. This will allow the fumes to escape much quicker. Open windows and vent your home as much as possible. As a last result, you could have the carpet cleaned with a very hot (ie: truck mounted carpet cleaning) steamĀ  cleaning method. Do not expect the cleaning to completely remove the odor however.

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