Move Out Carpet Cleaning

Move Out Carpet CleaningSo you just sold your house or your lease is up and it is time to get that carpet cleaned up. You need a good move out cleaning to get those carpets back into shape. Here are some tips to help you get the best move out cleaning possible and maybe even save some money in the process.
1. Make sure that everything is out on the day of the cleaning.
As a carpet cleaner, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to clean a home that is not ready. People are running around moving furniture, there is debris all over the carpet and it is generally a big pain. This frustration can sometimes lead to a less than perfect job. If a carpet cleaner has to worry about people tripping over their hoses or about picking up toys and knick knacks, they are not thinking about the carpet. So for the best job possible, have the house ready on time.
2. Make sure that the water is still on.
Do not cancel the water until after the carpet cleaning. Your carpet cleaner will need to have water to do the job. Do not make the mistake of thinking that they city will not come out and shut off the water right away, because Murphy’s Law says that they will. This goes the same for the electricity. While your carpet cleaner might not need the electricity to run their truck mounted cleaning units, they need it to vacuum and for the lights to see well.
3. Negotiate for a better rate.
Empty houses are generally the easiest ones to clean because there is no furniture to be moved or worked around. Ask your carpet cleaner if they offer an empty house discount. Most carpet cleaners will offer one to get the job.
4. Plan on leaving the HVAC system on.
After a cleaning, it might be tempting to turn everything off and just leave. You need to keep the home’s HVAC system on though for the carpet to dry properly. If it is not allowed to dry well, spots could wick up or it could become musts. So, leave your home’s heat or air conditioning on while the carpet is drying.
5. Have the house cleaned before the carpet.
If you will be cleaning the house or having maids come in, do it before the cleaning. After your move out carpet cleaning, you want as few people as possible in your home, walking on the carpet.

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