Mom And Pop Carpet Cleaning

Mom And Pop Carpet CleaningOne of the great things about the carpet and upholstery cleaning business is the fact that there are so many mom and pop cleaners doing business. It is one of the few industries where  small businesses can thrive. Still, there are many large companies in this business. Here are some reasons why you should avoid the large companies and the franchises and choose a small mom and pop company.
1. You get much better customer service.
Small mom and pop carpet cleaners do not do a lot of advertising and do not have an extensive client list. They work small markets, which means that they care more about each and every customer. For you, this also means that they will do whatever it takes to make you happy.
2. Mom and pop companies have more experience.
The carpet cleaning industry is, quite frankly, a high turnover industry when it comes to employees. Those large companies have very few employees with more than a year or two of experience. Mom and pop companies on the other hand will be run by an owner with perhaps ten or twenty years of carpet cleaning industry experience. This means that there is nothing in your home that they have not seen and can not handle.
3. You can feel safer with mom and pop carpet cleaners.
With a mom and pop company, the same person will come to your home each and every time. No need to worry about who you will be letting into your house. Those large companies have high turnover and are constantly hiring new people. Can you be sure that they are screening them properly.
4. You are less likely to be taken advantage of.
Mom and pop carpet cleaners own the business, so they are not depending on a small commission. This means that they will not use high pressure sales tactics to increase the bill. They want your long term business, not just a quick buck.

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