Marble Resurfacing

Resurface Marble

In most cases, marble can simply be polished to restore its luster and beauty. In some cases however, due to deep scratching or staining, the marble must be resurfaced. This is not a task for just anyone. It is one that must be performed by a carpet cleaning company with the highest level of skills on stone care. If you are in need of marble resurfacing, here is what you need to know about the process.
Do you need marble resurfacing?
If you have heavy scratches than go deep into the marble surface, you need to have it resurfaced. Likewise, if you have stains that penetrate deep into the marble, you need to have it resurfaced.
How is marble resurfaced?
The first step in this process is to thoroughly clean the floor. It is thoroughly cleaned by traditional methods. Following this cleaning, your marble resurfacer will apply a stripper to the floor. This stripper will remove years of wax buildup and grease and oils that may be present on the floor.
Next, the surrounding area is masked off. Baseboards, walls and surrounding furniture will be protected from splashing that will be present with the wet sanding method.
Last, the floor is resurfaced using diamond sanding pads. This is a wet sanding process. Using water protects the floor by keeping it cool during the grinding process. After the necessary amount of marble is ground down, the floor is wet vacuumed and dried. you now have a marble floor that shines like new.

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