Marble Polishing

Polish MarbleMarble is a material that has been used for centuries to make beautiful floors, counter tops, etc. It is a material that will last a long time but is very vulnerable to damage from scratching, staining and damage from improper cleaning. If your marble has seen better days, you might be thinking about having a carpet cleaner polish your marble. This is a great way to restore the looks of your floors or counters but there are some things you should know about marble polishing.
When is is time to have your marble polished?
If your marble needs polishing, you probably know it. Marble is a very beautiful material but over time it can become stained and dull. If your marble no longer has the luster that it used to and cleaning no longer helps improve the appearance, you need to have it polished.
How is your marble floor polished?
The first step in the marble polishing process is to thoroughly clean the marble. This ensures that their are no contaminants on the marble. Next, a stripper is applied to the floor to clean off any residue and it is rinsed free. Once the floor is dry, a polishing compound is applied to the floor and worked in slowly with a floor buffer. The polish is applied several times until the necessary level of shine is reached. Lastly, the corners are polished by hand using a pad or steel wool. Counter tops are cleaned in a similar fashion, but with hand tools instead of floor buffers.
How much does marble polishing cost?
Pricing for this service varies according to location and the level of damage that is present in your marble. For pricing in your area, you should contact a local owner operated cleaning company.

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