How long should carpet be wet after cleaning?

Carpet Dry How LongThis is a question that we often get. The answer to this question though can vary quite a bit depending on the conditions of the carpet, the weather and the method of cleaning being done. For the purpose of our answer, we will assume that you chose the most effective carpet cleaning on the market which is truck mounted steam cleaning.

Conditions That Effect Dry Times

This is a big factor in how long it will take a carpet to dry. If it is a humid day, it will naturally take much longer for it to dry. So, when possible you should avoid having your carpet cleaned on rainy or humid days. The best weather for carpet cleaning actually comes in the winter. Cold winter air is very dry and carpets dry very quickly.
Condition of the Carpet
This is another factor to consider. If you are good about cleaning your carpet often and it is not overly soiled, the cleaner will have to use less water. If, on the other hand, your carpet is very soiled then your carpet cleaner will have to use more cleaning solution and water and it will take longer to dry.
Protector or Deodorizer Being Applied
Any time you add more water to a carpet after the cleaning, it will take longer to dry. So, if you are getting protectant or deodorizer applied to your carpet, you should expect a longer dry time.
Air Flow in the Home
This is a big factor in how long it will take carpet to dry. You want to get as much air flowing in your home as possible. Homes that have good ventilation and ceiling fans in every room will dry much faster than older homes with poor air flow and no fans.
Drying Tools Being Used
Many carpet cleaners will use specialized cleaning tools and fans to reduce drying times. Tolls like the Drimaster, spray a sheet of water across the carpet instead of down into it and therefore will get the carpet dry faster. Fans placed on the carpet, even for a few minutes, will greatly reduce the dry time.
So, How Long Then
Under ideal conditions, your carpet should dry within one or two hours. In the worst conditions, your carpet might be wet for up to 12 hours when cleaned properly. So, expect your carpets to be dry in 2 to 12 hours.

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