Highrise Carpet Cleaning

Highrise apartment buildings require special cleaning procedures. While we always recommend using the truck mounted steam cleaning process, in the case of a highrise, you usually can not. So how do you clean the carpet? Well, you turn to the second best method which would be portable steam cleaning. Not all portables are created equally though. Here are some things that you should insist on when looking for a carpet cleaner who uses a portable steam cleaner.

Machine Pressure

The most basic model of portable steam cleaner will have a 100 or 150 PSI water pump. This is insufficient and will not result in a quality cleaning. Make sure that the carpet cleaner who uses your home uses a cleaner capable of pressure in the 300 PSI (pounds per square inch) range.

Machine Vacuum

Base models of portable steam cleaners will come with a single 2 or 3 stage vacuum. Once again, this is insufficient for carpet cleaning and will not allow for adequate water removal. You want a carpet cleaner with a machine that has at least two 3 stage vacuums or three 2 stage vacuums.

Machine Heat

Heat is very important but is insufficient in all portable steam cleaners. They depend on electricity to heat the water so they can not heat any measurable amount of water in the time needed to clean with. They also take away from available power that would be better used towards powering the vacuum motors. Your cleaner will use hot tap water from your faucet to clean with.

Other Important Considerations For Cleaning A Highrise

Because of the lack of power of the portable equipment, cleaning technique becomes increasingly important. Be sure that the carpet cleaner thoroughly vacuums your carpet before cleaning to remove as much soil as possible. They should also allow extra dwell time for their pre-spray to give it more time to emulsify soil. Finally, because of the lack of vacuum power, they should use extra drying strokes and pay particular attention to placing fans and proper airflow on the carpet to get it dry.

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