Head Lice And Carpet

Head Lice Carpet CleaningHead lice are parasites that feed on human blood. They are not a serious health risk but are quite annoying. After all, who wants to think that there are parasites on your body feeding on you. Head lice are also quite common, affecting millions of school age children per year.

Head Lice Symptoms

Symptoms of head lice include an itchy scalp, the feeling that something is moving on your head, swollen lymph nodes and red sores on your scalp. It is usually easier to see the nymphs or eggs than the lice themselves as they move quickly from light. The eggs look like small white specks. You can tell them apart from normal dandruff because they attach themselves tightly to the hair shaft.

Head Lice Treatment

If you or your child has been diagnosed as having head lice, there are many things that you should do. The first thing, is to treat the lice at the source with the appropriate medical treatment. You should then clean all contaminated clothing and bedding. The final step, is a thorough carpet cleaning to remove any head lice and eggs from the carpet cleaning.
Owner operated carpet cleaners will be able to rid your carpet of these pests through the use of high powered carpet cleaning equipment. Be sure to inform your carpet cleaner ahead of time that you or your child has head lice so that they can treat the carpet appropriately.

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