Fur Rug Cleaning

Fur Rug CleanersFur rugs pose a particular challenge when trying to clean them. If you are looking for a professional cleaning, you will quickly find out that not every cleaning service can handle them. Fur rugs include things like cow hides, alpaca fur, mink blankets and a variety of other materials. Your best bet when looking for a service to clean one of these more delicate carpets is to find an owner operated service. Owner operators will have the years of experience that are necessary to safely handle these items.
Of course, this will cost a lot of money. An alternative is to try a product like this. It is a much cheaper do it yourself approach that many people swear by.

Caring For Fur Rugs

Cow Hides
Caring for cow hide rugs basically just involves regular and frequent vacuuming. For mild soiling, you can use a simple solution of a mild soap and water on a sponge. For overall cleaning, consult a trained rug cleaning professional.
Sheepskin Rugs
Regular vacuuming is important as with any rug. For mild spot cleaning, a solution of a mild soap on a sponge will usually suffice. Occasionally, you might need to brush your rug out and a pet brush or comb works well for this purpose.Brushing will help break up tangles and restore the texture. For an overall cleaning, consult a trained professional cleaner.
Alpaca Fur Rugs
When your Alpaca rug becomes matted, a brushing with a pet brush or comb will help restore the pile. For light soiling, a solution of a mild soap and water work well, but be careful not to use too much moisture. For more heavy soiling or for an overall cleaning, consult a professional rug cleaner.

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