Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Dustless or Sandless floor refinishing is a relatively new process that is designed to provide much of the same benefits of floor refinishing with less mess and in much less time. It is also less expensive than traditional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing but it is not appropriate in all cases. In this process, the floor is thoroughly cleaned and etched so that it will accept a water based polyurethane coating. It is perfect for pre-finished floors that need a touch up. So is it for you?
Dustless/Sandless Floor Refinishing IS For You If:
1. You need your floor done quickly. In most cases, your floor can be completed in a single day. This is great if you need to move into a space quickly or need to rehab a floor to get your home on the market.
2. You can not afford a full refinish job. Refinishing a floor the traditional way by sanding and then staining the floor is much more labor extensive and therefore expensive. Dustless refinishing can be done for a fraction of the cost.
3. You can not tolerate the dust. Traditional refinishing work is messy, very messy. You will end up with dust all over your home from the work. Dustless refinishing, as the name implies, is much neater.
Dustless/Sandless Floor Refinishing is NOT For You If:
1. You have a heavily damaged floor. This method has a limited ability to repair deep gouges and damage. If your floor is very damaged, you will need to have it refinished traditionally.
2. You want to change colors. You will need to sand your floor if you want to change the color. Sandless floor refinishing is just a thorough cleaning followed by a protective coating.

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