Deep Stain Removal

Deep Carpet Stain RemovalWhen you have deep down stains on your carpet, you need more than a basic surface cleaning that dry cleaning provides.  You need deep stain removal from a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. Here is how truck mounted machines provide a deep stain removal.
1. First your carpet cleaner will vacuum your carpet to remove dry soil. Every good carpet cleaning should begin with a thorough pre-vacuuming.
2. Following the vacuuming, your carpet cleaner will apply a carpet pre-spray. The pre-spray is given time to dwell so that it can break down and emulsify the soil on your carpet.
3. Next, the carpet cleaner will use their truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to blast away the deep down stains. Water jets will shoot super heated into the water to further break loose the stains and the water will be immediately vacuumed out with a high powered vacuum.
4. Lastly, your carpet cleaner will use a carpet rake to set the pile, if necessary, and will either use drying fans to dry the carpet or give you instructions on how to do dry the carpet.

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