Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsWhen it comes time to finding an upholstery or carpet cleaner, one of the best ways to find a good one is to look at their customer reviews. Reviews can not always be easy to find though. Here are some places that you can look to find carpet cleaning customer reviews.

Google Places

This is a great place to find customer reviews if the business has a Places account and most do. Google collects reviews from all over the Internet and from their own users. They place them all in one easy to find section. To find reviews on Google Places, just do a search for the business name and the city that they are in.

Angie’s List

This is another great source of customer reviews but there is a catch, you have to pay for it. Angie’s List is a pay service that you have to join. Once you become a member you will be able to see customer reviews and review businesses yourself. It can be a good deal if you use a lot of subcontractors and home services but if you are looking for just a one time review, it is probably not your best choice.


Yelp is another service that you can use to find what people think of a carpet cleaner. You might be more familiar with them for restaurant reviews, but they also have reviews of home service contractors. There are not as many reviews on this website for contractors but they are building a database.

Company Website

You can also often find reviews on the companies website. You should of course take these reviews with a grain of salt because the owner will only post positive reviews and some of the reviews might be written by them. Look for differences in writing style and grammar in the reviews to show that they were written by different people.

Other Sources

Of course, there are many other sources for carpet cleaning reviews by customers. Places like Insider Pages, City Search, Yahoo, Etc. To find them, just do an Internet search for the company name and reviews. You might be surprised at how much information pops up.

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