Cubicle Cleaning

Cubicle CleaningPart of being an office manager is taking care of the cleaning and maintenance of the office. One maintenance step that you will have to take on if you have cubicles is the cleaning of the cubicles. It is not something that you will have to deal with every day, but is something that you will probably have to deal with on an annual or semi annual basis. Cubicle cleaning is not a task that all carpet cleaners do, but it is one that most commercial cleaning contractors are familiar with.

How are cubicles cleaned?

Step 1: Prepare the cubicles for cleaning.

The cubicles must first be prepared for cleaning. Remove all posters, calendars, photos and personal items from the cubicle walls themselves. Next, clear the desk of large items that could prevent the carpet cleaning service from reaching all parts of the cubicle.

Step 2: Dry soil is removed.

Your cleaning contractor will vacuum the walls of the cubicle in order to remove dry soil. Just like in carpet cleaning, dry soil is easier to remove than wet soil. Once dirt is sprayed with moisture, it will become mud and will cling to the fibers. So, the cleaning contractor will thoroughly vacuum the walls with an upholstery attachment of a vacuum.

Step 3: Soil emulsification.

Next, your carpet cleaning contractor will spray the cubicle walls with a pre-conditioning agent. This cleaning agent will break down and absorb soil. If the cubicle walls are lightly soiled, a spray of the solution will be sufficient. If, however, they are highly soiled, your carpet cleaning service will need to agitate the solution with soft bristled brushes.

Step 4: Soil removal.

Now that the soil has been emulsified, it must be removed. Your cleaning service will use an upholstery or drapery cleaning tool to rinse the cubicle with hot water. This removes the soil and will also remove any residue left behind by the pre-conditioner.

Step 5: Cubicles are allowed to dry.

The last step is to allow the cubicle walls to dry before being put back to use. The cleaning contractor will place the cubicles in such a way as to allow for adequate air flow. If necessary, they will provide additional air flow to dry the cubicles.

Who can clean cubicles?

Just about any carpet cleaner has the ability to clean them. Not every carpet cleaner does commercial work though so it is best to find one that specializes in commercial cleaning. They will be used to cleaning at odd hours which is required on commercial jobs. After all, you do not want them trying to clean the cubicles during the day when people are trying to work. So, try to find an owner operated cleaning service that states that they do commercial work. Give them a call and have them come out to give you a quote in person. Then, they can go into greater detail about the pricing and the cleaning process.

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