Craigslist Carpet Cleaning

Craigslist Carpet CleaningWhen looking for cheap contractors, people often turn to Craigslist. Craigslist is a great source of cheap contractors but be careful, because it is also a great source of cheap quality carpet cleaners. Anyone can post an ad on craigslist and begin finding customers. It can be hard to find a legitimate company, so before you hire a cleaner from this website, read these tips which will help you sort through them.
1. Make sure that they have a real website.
If they are a real company that is marketing online, they will have a real website. When you look at the website, look for signs of professionalism. The website does not have to be the fanciest one that you have ever seen but it should not look amateur or have many misspellings, or grammatical errors.
2. Find out what kind of equipment they are using.
You want a company that is using a truck mounted cleaning system. This is the pinnacle in carpet cleaning. you might be surprised just how many carpet cleaners on Craigslist are using cheap portables or even machines that you yourself can rent in a grocery store.
3. See if they are insured.
The company in question must carry liability insurance. This will assure you that if something goes wrong, you are protected. What if their equipment malfunctions? Insurance will make sure that your property gets replaced if damaged.
4. Find out what kind of experience they have.
Do they have any certifications or professional training? Have they worked in the industry for years? Make sure that they have some kind of training that gives them the skill they need to do the job right.
5. Do they offer any kind of guarantee.
You want a company that will offer some kind of guarantee so that your satisfaction is assured. At the minimum, they should offer to return to your home to do the work if you are unhappy within the first week or so.

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