Cost Of Furniture Cleaning

For most of us, price is definitely a consideration when hiring a carpet cleaning service to clean our upholstery. So, unless you have money to burn, you probably would like to know how much it is going to cost to clean your upholstery before your carpet cleaner comes out. That or you would like to have some figures to compare furniture cleaning prices to. Well, prices do vary quite a bit depending on many factors such as your location, the level of service provided and the content of the piece being cleaned. Here are some average prices for you to look at though.

Furniture Cleaning Prices

Sofas & Couches

Sofas and couches will generally range from $10 to $20 per linear foot. This means that the average sofa cleaning price will range from about $70 to $140.

Recliners can be difficult to clean because of the many nooks and crannies they possess. This makes them higher in cost to clean than an average chair. Expect to pay between $40 to $90 for an average reclining chair.
Sectionals vary more than all other upholstery because of the many different sizes of sectionals. They could be 8 feet long or 15 feet long. For the average 3 piece sectional, expect to pay between $100 and $200.
Dining Room Chairs
Most dining room chairs are made of sensitive materials such as polished cotton. This makes them pricier to clean. Expect to pay about $20 a piece for a basic seat only dining room chair.
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen chairs are typically made of durable materials and are fully upholstered on the back, seat and usually the arms. Expect to pay about $20 to $30 a piece to clean them.

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