Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

If you are an office manager, you know that you are surrounded by upholstered furniture and furnishings that often need attention. Employees in your office typically do not take care of these upholstered items as they would their own so they get soiled often. Here are some examples.

Upholstered Office Chairs

This could be a rolling office chair or a stationary chair in a lobby or office. These pieces of furniture are typically made of wool which is a very durable material. It also cleans rather well with aggressive cleaning methods. Your carpet cleaner will use a pre-spray to break up the soil on the chair and if necessary will agitate the solution to break up heavy soiling. They will then rinse the chair with a hot water extraction machine (portable or truck mounted). Allow several hours for the chairs to dry before putting them back to use.

Lobby Furniture

Hopefully, you have chosen appropriate lobby furniture. The best choices for a busy lobby are wool and finished leather furniture. These materials are easy to clean and maintain. If you have chosen another material like a cotton or natural fiber, they can be much tougher to care for. If you have chosen one of these easily stained materials, you should have a protectant applied after the cleaning. Plan on your lobby furniture to be down for the remainder of the day after a cleaning.


Offices also typically have upholstered cubicle walls. Cubicle walls often become stained from spilled drinks or just from every day use. They are easy to clean with a portable or truck mounted cleaning machine and a drapery tool or upholstery tool. When having these type of furnishings cleaned, instruct your office staff to remove personal items from the cubicle walls before your carpet cleaners arrival. After cleaning, they can typically be put back to immediate use with instructions of not to hang anything from them until dry.

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