Cigarette Burn On Carpet

Did you have an unfortunate incident with a cigarette? It is very easy to get a cigarette burn on a carpet. All it takes is an accidental drop or a careless flick and a burning ember ends up on your carpet. When this happens, it only takes a second to be left with a permanent reminder of the accident. Don’t worry though, because it can be repaired. You have two options when it comes to repair of your burn and the method that you choose depends largely on the amount of damage present.

Option 1: Cut off the affected area.

If the damage is minimal and only on the top part of the fiber, the best option is to simply cut off the affected area. Get a pair of scissors and just snip off the burnt part of the carpet fiber. Be careful to only cut off what you need to. It might be easier to use a sharp pair of nail clippers to cut off the burnt parts of the carpet instead of scissors. What you will be left with, if you do it right, is a slight depression in the carpet. This will be much harder to see than the burn was and will be cheaper and easier than option 2 below.

Option 2: Replace the burn with a patch.

This is a job that will be best left to a professional. It takes experience and some skill to put a patch in and have it not be noticeable. Your carpet cleaner will cut out the damaged area and will replace it with a piece of good carpet. The good carpet will come from a scrap that you might have or from a hidden area such as a closet. You should expect to spend between $60 to $100 for a basic patch. Cheaper than replacing the carpet.

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