Carpet Dry Cleaners

Dry Carpet CleanersCarpet dry cleaning is a method which gained popularity because of the drying time which was much shorter than hot water extraction. This used to be the case a few decades ago but not anymore. Today, truck mounted hot water extraction systems are on the market that can get carpets dry in as little as an hour. This means, that there is no longer a reason to turn to the less effective dry cleaning methods. Hot water extraction is the only method that offers a significant flushing action and it is the method recommended by most carpet mills.

How can carpet be wet cleaned and dry so fast?

There are many reasons why your carpet can now be dried so fast.
The Equipment
The carpet cleaning truck mounts on the market have come a long way. Most machines feature twenty to thirty horsepower engines that drive powerful positive displacement vacuum blowers. They produce very high levels of vacuum that extract most of the water put down. Add to this the very high temperatures in excess of 200 degrees and you can see why carpets get dry quickly.
Drying Equipment
Many cleaners nowadays also use drying fans. Much more powerful than the portable fans that you might have in your home, these fans will help to jump start the cleaning process.
Specialized Cleaning Tools
For the ultimate in carpet drying, many cleaners also use specialty tools like the rotary Drimaster. The Drimaster uses jetless technology that forces a spray of water across the fiber instead of down into it. This leads to more water recovery and drying times of less than one hour.

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