Carpet Cleaning Packages

Many carpet cleaning companies put together packages to save you money by grouping services together. This is good for you and for the carpet cleaner. you win by an overall reduced price on the cleaning costs and they win by being able to streamline their billing process. Here are some of the most common packages provided by carpet cleaners.
Bronze Cleaning Package
This will usually be the minimum service offered by the carpet cleaner. It will include vacuuming the carpet, pre-treateing the carpet, basic spot cleaning and extraction. This is everything that is needed for the basic carpet cleaning.
Silver Cleaning Package
This will generally include everything in the bronze cleaning package but will also include furniture moving and possibly speed drying of the carpet with fans.
Gold Cleaning Package
In the highest level package, the carpet cleaner will generally offer you everything in the first packages but will also include carpet protection. Some cleaners also include baseboard cleaning in their gold level cleaning packages.
Not all carpet cleaners offer packages such as these. Almost all of them will offer the same kinds of services but many prefer to do so on an ala carte basis. If this is the case with the carpet cleaner that you choose, at least make sure that they include everything in the bronze package with their base cleaning.

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